Stacie Thornton joins us to talk about a few of the miracles surrounding America's Founding, and the gratitude we can have for those who gave so much ...View Details

Do year end tests actually measure what your kids actually know? Alyson Williams served on the parent panel that reviewed questions appearing on Utah'...View Details

Barry Garelick joins us for a discussion about the process of learning mathematics. Are there lessons to be learned from previous methods. Are we repe...View Details

Homeschooling & Harvard.

Local school board member, Julie King discusses a recent Harvard paper and proposed summit on homeschooling.  Harvard assumes that there is great harm...View Details

Have you been frustrated trying to help your child learn "real" math?  How do you teach math in a way that makes sense?  J.R. Wilson, longtime teacher...View Details

Everyone seems to agree that money is a big, and probably outsized, influencer in elections.  Most people think this is a problem.  Utah has a system ...View Details

Matt Throckmorton joins me to talk about how the social distancing with the Coronavirus gives us an opportunity to see what is really important in edu...View Details

Amy Mullins, a speech language pathologist, joins me to discuss how the good intentions of helping kids with issues like speech in the schools has led...View Details

The biggest question in education is always "Who Decides?"  Who decides what your child should learn?  Who decides if your kid has learned it?  Should...View Details

Part two of my discussion with Dr. Sandra Stotsky.  How can parents know if standards are good? Dr. Stotsky helped oversee the Massachusetts standards...View Details

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